My Favorite Blogs

360 Degrees Writing

Abby Smith’s posts are chock-full of sweet and sensible writing advice, all the while glorifying God for everything she does.

Check it out

Tizzie’s Tidbits

Grace, or “Tizzie,” is a wonderful and purposeful writer with tips on surviving college, faith, and so much more! She draws me in with her amazing perspective of God and His love for everyone.

Check it out

Paid it All

Aja Renee (or Ajareyy) is a sweet and knowledgeable writer. Her blog is bursting at the seams with real and beautiful posts about God and how He has changed her life.

Check it out

My Thoughts and Faith

Beth is a talented and incredible writer, and her devotionals and advice dance across the page. You’ll be wanting more after you read My Thoughts and Faith- and strengthened in Christ, too!

Check it out

Dorminy Anecdotes

North Carolina, Jesus, three amazing kids… Need I say more? My blogging inspiration, Kristy’s posts are lively and interesting¬†and leave everyone who reads refreshed.

Check it out

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