Goodbye… Not!!!

Well, dear readers, this is the end. Musings of a Teen Girl’s Mind is over… I will dearly miss you all.


Not that I won’t miss you. I’m just not leaving! Well, I am. Oh, boy. This is hard. Anyways, yes, I am leaving MTGM, but I am not leaving the blogging community. I haven’t been posting for the past few months because I’ve been working on something BIG. BIIIIIIG. And now, I’m ready to tell you. Drumroll please…

I have a brand new blog!!! *cheers*

I wanted more freedom to customize my site and a simpler interface to write on. WordPress wasn’t for me. (Sorry WordPress… I really do love your software.) I went looking for the best free software for my blog, and found Wix. Wix has given me a bit more customization techniques so far and I’m loving the way my new blog looks. It’s called Annie Cate Anderson (Original, I know), and it’s basically the same content that was on MTGM. (Except with a whole lot more consistency.)


*squeals* Isn’t it pretty???

There’s a ton of new stuff to explore, and you can enter the blog here.

I’d love it if you went ahead and checked it out! Thank you for subscribing to MTGM and I hope to see you over at Annie Cate Anderson! Your likes, comments, and follows have been such a blessing to me.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thank you for following my journey.

Here’s to a new beginning at ACA,



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